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Jul 8, 2015
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Oh, soaping. Never a dull moment with this hobby. I always make my salt bars on a weekend when I have time to sit around and babysit them (I don't have a cavity mold so have to cut them).

Every single time, they are ready in under 2 hours. So I'm running low, figure I'll make a batch on a Monday. Go figure, exact same recipe, four and a half hours later, still squishy. I had to go ahead and cut because I have to get up and go to my job tomorrow and can't stay up all night babysitting soap.

Scented with BB Salty Mariner, my first attempt at a gradient. I used the acceleration of the FO and stirred it in layer by layer so they would set up to pour the next on.

I use BB Salty Mariner for my salt soap also, and would use it in more soaps as well, if it didn't accelerate like a downhill semi tractor trailer! But you put it to fine use with this lovely gradient! Good on you, that is some kind of beautiful!
Very beautiful. I bet they smell amazing and that blue is fantastic.

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