Got a show this weekend... *Show pictures added*

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Sep 27, 2007
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Youngsville, NC
...can you tell? LOL








and this is only HALF of them!
dragonfly princess said:
Are you sure you are not trying to open a freakin store???? Those are awsome!!!

LOL I did my first show back in November and I sold $600 worth. This show is going to be at the same place and I believe they're expecting MORE people to show up this time. I'm excited. What the pictures show is about how much I sell in a month. At Christmas time I sell that much in a week!

I also sell grubby candles:

Handrolled beeswax candles, whipped shea butter, milk bath sachets, bath salts and wash cloths.
Those look great!!

I know if I were at a show and saw those lovely bars, I would purchase!!

Here's some pics from my show:
DH at the booth:

The booth:

The white bars are my new Doggy Shampoo Bars!:



Here's my new avatar. This was taken in the bad lighting in the crappy hotel we stayed in:
Tabitha said:
So, what is your primary method of sales? Do you mostly do shows?

This was actually only my second show ever. All my sales come from my website. I'm thinking about doing mostly holiday shows. I did really good at this one but I did way better at my first show which was a Christmas show. I think people buy handcrafted soaps more for gifts than for themselves. The only thing about doing mostly Christmas shows is my website goes CRAZY at Christmas time. I was packing orders all day 7 days a week! I even had to have my dad come over and help me I was so busy. My first show I made $600 at the show and $400 on my site in the 2 days! :!:
Do you have any tips you would like to share on advertising for your website? Traffic is not easy to come by.
The Queen said:
Do you have any tips you would like to share on advertising for your website? Traffic is not easy to come by.

Advertise everywhere you can!, craigslist...anything that's free. Have as many free things as you can, paid advertising will break you. The more people that look at your site, the higher up you are on search engines. It took me a year to get my site up high on search engines and it's still not as high as I'd like. Get your name out there! That's the best advise I can give!
Great news on your show and sales! :D Your booth looked great too. Thanks for the tips on getting your name out there, I appreciate that very much:wink:

Paul :wink:
SE- what are those things that say "smell me!" they look cool! and what do they smell like!!

very nice set up! I like your packaging!

where did you have it made?? (if you dont mind me asking)

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