good "rain" FO for m & P fish in a bag

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May 8, 2008
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NW Louisiana
Hi All! I'm new to the board and to soapmaking. would love to CP but have no space for it and have health isues that prevent me. The chemist in me is dying to try CP tho, alas. I live in NW Louisiana, a transplantee from KCMO.

I'm looking for a good clean rain FO to use in my fish in a bags that I'm making for a craft show in July. any pointers?

I'm concentrating on medieval themed scent lines, such as Black Knight FO I just got in, but am working on blending my own EOs to replace the FOs. So many are allergic to FOs. Like my mom. Can't get away from sandalwood FO and rose FO though. I just bought yellow sandalwood powder to incorporate into my M & P. Does anyone have any experience with the powder in their soaps?