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Mar 9, 2017
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This was in my Email this AM. Good advice from Kenna of Modern Soapmaking.

It's worth a read if you're like me who tends to get stressed out with high expectations. I'll read this again when I need some "motherly advice" about taking it easier on myself.

I hope by posting it here it helps someone. 🥰

ETA: Please excuse Kenna's salty language. Also, this post is not intended to promote Modern Soapmaking online programs -- at least not until you get advice from members who have "been there" and "done that".:thumbup:
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This quote "But here's the thing: to move forward, you only need to take one step." very much reminded me of David Allen's Get Things Done (GTD) method where you always break up projects and bigger tasks into small actionable steps. So like instead of making a note for yourself to "order supplies" you'd write down exactly how you'd do it: "make a list of things i want to make", "estimate quantity needed for each product", "add up the quantities and check against ingredients i already have", "assemble shopping cart".

Sometimes we also spend too much time spinning our wheels in ours heads, because we don't know exactly what the steps are. So I'm that case just focus on figuring out the next 2 steps and move on.

I recommend GTD to anybody who's overwhelmed with tasks, it's reduced the stress in my life by an order of magnitude.

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