Goat milk and lavender bad smell :-/

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Aug 24, 2019
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Well, I made the bars yesterday. My first official Goat Milk Powder soap. No, there was no scent other than what I put in the soap. I gathered together a mixture of oils that had been hanging around my soaping area for a long time, none had enough to use as a main oil in any of my recipes, it will become one of my "leftovers" soaps, only this one will have GMP added to the title!

It all seemed to go together just fine, I may have been a bit high on the temp. I poured it in the molds, left to take a potty break and when I came back the top of the loaf mold was at least 1-2" higher than when I poured. I quickly cleared space in the fridge and crossed my fingers! After looking in on it several times the potential volcano did not appear, nor was there a crack in the top surface.

Now comes the hard part...waiting until it cures. So back to my quilting. And maybe trying to figure out how to use my favorite quilting design, feathers, on the top of my soaps! LOL

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