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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia

I made this gift basket for a friend for her birthday. I put in soap (labelled 'Donetta's Birthday Soap), body spray, foamy sugar scrub, body mousse, bath milk and bubble bath truffles, as well as a bottle of very nice dessert wine and a cute butterfly shaped sponge.

She was rapt with it (and I was extremely proud of my first attempt at a gift basket!)

If you click on the image, it will (I think) open up bigger in a new window.
I really like the looks of this, Becky! Your lables all match on your CP soaps and the jars, cool. The bottle of oils and the M&P too really complete this gift basket. That looks like a $75.00 basket if I ever saw one!

Paul.... :wink:
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Nice gift basket, that was my job for a while making gift baskets, so I'm over that.
Love your labels, did you make those up yourself or did you have them printed ?
Beautiful! There is nothing quite as special as receiving a personalised gift, especially one that has had so much time and effort put into it. I'm sure your friend will be very pleased :)

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