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Feb 20, 2008
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Hey all!

I have a question on the gel phase. I just made a batch of soap and it has hit the gel phase right now but when my soap gels it gets that dark gel look in the center but not the outer edges. Is that normal? Is it supposed to reach the outer edges?

I cover mine with 2 towels. Should I uncover once it gels in the center or leave covered?

Please help it is gel'ing as we speak!
Probably too late, but I put mine in a 170 deg oven to force gel. That prevents partial for me anyway. I then leave it in the oven (turned off) and cut it in the morning.
You have partial gel. Won't hurt the soap a bit. It may look a little different when you cut the bars, lighter where no gel occurred, darker where it did, but that is only appearance. I use my heavy duty wood molds with a tight fitting top, and always want, and get gel, even when using my RTCP Soap Method. On my small 1 pound test batch TOG Mold, when I RTCP, sometimes I cover with an old towel for a few hours, but always get gel. :wink:

To gel, or, not to gel, that is the question. :lol: It is a personal thing. I love the feeling of a gelled bar verses an ungelled one, IMHO. :wink: