Gel issue or glycerin River?

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New (6 months) to CP soaping. This is my first attempt at indigo extract. Added 1/4 tsp indigo extract to dry lye and mixed well (before adding lye to distilled water). Added .5 gr tussah silk to lye (silk was was completely dissolved.). Added 1 tsp blue mica and 2 tsp sodium lactate to oils and mixed well before adding to melted butters. Poured lye at 125-130 ish into melted fats. And oils. At very light trace added FO and EO. Blended/stirred well until medium trace. Poured into silicone loaf mold, wrapped to gel. Exterior of soap has no pattern. Happy with color. Do not understand pattern. Thank you for any comment.
Think it’s such a beautiful denim colour with a secret feather type of swirl. Beautiful soap! 🌸