Gave my soap as Christmas Presents

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Nov 19, 2007
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I gave my soaps out for Christmas presents this year. I wasn't sure about packaging. I started out wrapping it in tulle and tying with a ribbon, then I bought some sachets in the wedding section at walmart. It was really easy to just drop the soap in the sachet and pull the draw string.

People seemed impressed with it. So maybe I can get some business.

I've got to make more soap this week.

Good for you! Those little bags are handy. You can pick them up for a song on ebay & some oter online sites.
I did the same thing and everyone loved it. I also started making jewelry and added those in as well. I was surprised cause one of my aunts is very picky but she loved the necklace, bracelet and earring set I made for her! It made me happy cause its hard to please her LOL.
That is great pepperi! Giving soap and jewlery, your family hit the jackpot, (pun intended) this Christmas.

Paul... :wink:

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