French Macarons [Pink Lemonade & Lemon Buttercream]

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Apr 3, 2011
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I've been on a macaron baking bender since early January. I'm in search of the perfect macaron in both looks and taste.

There's now a page on my blog dedicated to French Macaron Baking Adventures.

Since the recipe's somewhat involved, I'm posting the direct link to it here:

Here's what they look like:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!
Thanks for sharing your technique and recipe! This is a sweet I can actually eat even on this no-starch diet I'm doing (happy dance). I will definitely give this a try as soon as I can get some almond flour. One question though, how fine does the almond flour need to be in order to rise properly? I may have to make some foaming sugar scrub with my new Pistachio Macaroon FO just to tide me over . . .
Thank you for all the kind comments! Yes, it does take lots of patience! But I love them so much & even with all the mistakes I’ve made they still taste good!

Arimara, here’s a link to macarons made with coconut flour and banana chips so they’re nut free!

doriette farm, If you want smooth and shiny macarons, you should sift your almond flour 3 times beforehand. I can see the difference it makes.
I know this thread is about a year old (just came across it tonight) and I apologize for resurrecting it but I'm following the same quest. I just baked my first batch of macarons tonight, after hours of reading yesterday and today (even at work!). I, too, will be blogging about this experience on my food blog. I have to tell you, Lisa, your first batch looked a whole lot better than my first batch, even though I did get some feet (yes!). The flavour, though.... Oh MY! A little salted caramel sauce sandwiched between layers of vanilla macaron? A little taste of heaven!

They were nothing to look at but they're sure tasty! I will be reading your adventures over the next couple of days, gleaning whatever information I can.
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