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Apr 23, 2015
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Central IL
I know of at least one member who lives near me. I am south of Springfield and soon I will have a lot of Black Walnuts falling. I pulled a few off today and they came off easily. The trees are too big to harvest so I need to wait until they drop. We mow over them and I always feel bad they go to waste. There are about 6 mature trees on the farm. PM me if you are interested. I have 4 Persimmon trees, but the Persimmons won't be ready for quite awhile; November or so. They aren't sweet if you try to pick them -- they also need to fall to the ground or they will be sour. You can have all you want.

I'm getting busy so I will be in and out of the forum sporadically -- don't worry if I don't get right back to you, I will.
My mom would take every walnut you have..pity I dont live near you. :(

She has a walnut tree, but the squirrels keep eating the very few that manage to spring out...she wants to plant a few more..*sigh*
Ah, if I lived close I would take every single persimmon. They don't grow here and are expensive to buy. I want to make persimmon soap but I'd like some leaves to go along with the fruit. For anyone interested, this is why

I can send you some dried leaves, but the fruit doesn't can well. PM your address and I'll send you some. I cut a few branches today and hung them in the garden shed to dry. I used some dried persimmon leaves in my iced tea today -- very refreshing -- seemed to mellow the Lipton tea. My husband won't drink anything other than Lipton. I sneak the green tea in with the Lipton, and today I put persimmon leaves with lemon verbena in it. If he only knew what I put in his food :shock: He's none the wiser, but healthier :lol:
I'd send you some but my mom wont even let me get near her persimmon tree :(
Now I want persimmon tea, that sounds really good. Thanks for the offer of leaves, I will PM you:) Have you offered any of the fruit or nuts on craigslist? Mom and I pick black walnuts every year that we find on craigslist, most everyone around here give theirs away.

Carolyn, I wish you could send me some too. My mom & grandma seem to think I could grow a persimmon tree here if I get a hardy variety and protect it from the winter wind. I'll have to look into that.