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Mar 7, 2008
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I probably shouldn't have done this for my first 1 lb batch. But I decided to use a "freesia" fragrance oil. I put in about 3-4 drops and it smelled way too strong! All my pots and pans have the lingering smell too. I'm hoping the smell will lighten up in the soap by the time it cures.

The only thing I notice that wasn't normal is that the frangrance oil turned instantly into tiny white clumps. I just kept on going with the electric mixer until it got really thick & the temp was 100 F. It looked pretty good and I poured into the mold.

Does anyone know if the clumps will effect the end result? I sure hope not! :?
Your soap was starting to seize, with floral fragrances alot of them accelerate trace. Its a good thing you got it into your mold in time, or you would of have a nice mess on your hands.

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