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Jan 14, 2014
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It's been too long since I was that age and I have no idea what they like; anybody have any good recommendations? I'm ordering from Rustic Escentuals.
I think it totally depends on the person.

I'm 23 so I hope I can give you a good perspective. I like many many scents. Probably the only ones I dont like for myself are the particularly floral ones like rose, gardenia, act. I do like lavender though (the real stuff).

My BF who is 24 likes RE's dragons blood and so do my younger brothers. I like their cucumber mint so much! Its very fresh. People (all ages I've notices) like toasted marshmallow. I love the way moscatto smells too. Ok, Let me just start a list:

Scents I like:

Dragons blood
Cucumber mint
Pink sugar
Toasted marshmallow
Falling leaves
Apple pumpkin strudel
Clover fields and aloe (very similar to cucumber mint)
Lemon verbena (I use the one from BB but I got the 1 oz from RE and its nice too)

I have a bunch so I can definitely give you more suggestions.
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I'm in the upper end of that group! :D I love sweet, fruity scents myself.

Also popular within my group are citrus, mint, and/or spice (as broad categories).

NG's Magic Potion and the Chocolate Fudge FOs were also well-received.
I'm 23. I can't stand floral scents or spicy scents like clove, cinnamon. I like fresh, fruity scents and some unisex scents. My favourite FOs are: Love Spell, Avocado & Mint, American Dream (LUSH American Cream dupe), anything minty.

It's difficult because everyone is different, regardless of age, but I do find it common for younger people to dislike floral scents. My partner is 22 and he's a fan of sweet smells like cherry, caramel and marshmallow.
I make soap for a group of folks falling into that age range... I'd say LUSH dupes/scent families are a good place to start. They all seem to hate florals or heavy perfumey scents.

So do I... maybe I've got the nose of a young person!
I am an early-30-something (and was a 20-something) who loves florals. So to each his or her own. If you are formulating for specific 20-30-year-olds, please ask about preferences. I got so much fruity/sweet scented stuff as a 20-something that I couldn't stand. And if you're just trying to have a range of things to appeal to that market, then including some florals or "old-fashioned" scents might not be a bad idea. My absolute favorite scent is rose, with jasmine a close second.

I've also found that men my age love the smell of jasmine on me. Every one who has noticed it when I wear it has made a positive comment.
I'm in the younger 30s and I've always like spicy things, and things that smell like fruits or cotton candy or minty

I did find I like ylang ylang, although I've noticed a lot of people here dont

cedar and sage oils are also a fav, and lemongrass, rosemary, dragon's blood, nag champa

I've never shopped that store though sadly
I prefer citrusy and fresh scents, not a fan of really fruity sweet smelling or super floraly smells. I really love sea kelp from AHRE. Everyone so far that has smelled it loves it. It's a great unisex scent. I put out a few different fragrances from AHRE for BF to pick from for soaps, he picked sea kelp. It's probably gonna be one of my go to scents from now on.
I'm 29 and the scents I like are:

Vanilla, Creams, Baking Scents. (But not too sweet)
Orange & Citrus
Patchouli anything. All the time.
The odd time I like Forest Smells.
You all have been very helpful, thank you so much! I'm glad I asked because I thought you youngsters all liked foodie scents (those are some of my least favorites so I was not looking forward to that!).

Fresh and fruity scents seem to be the winner...(you're a smart generation - those are my favorites too) RE's Toasted Marshmallow looks like a huge favorite on their website...and I think I'll add that to my list just for fun, I'm sure my 7 yr old will like her special mermaid mold!
I'm mid 30s and I like fresh, fruity, floral only if mixed with fruity.
I don't like earthy, bakery or spicy scents. I like vanilla/honey scent but only in bedtime soaps. I'm weird I know. :D
Kids and stepkids, so 20 and bit younger, also like fresh, fruity, etc.
I know you're not ordering from NG, but I have to mention that all males in my family are crazy for their Aussie bamboo grass.

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