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Aug 25, 2014
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I order a lot of my cold process soap making supplies from Bulk Apothacary. I am very satisfied with the products I have from them, but I have no experience with their Fragrance Oils, and would like to know if anyone on this forum does.

In the online catalog information there is very little helpful information about the oils and essentially no customer reviews. I hate buying Fragrance and Essential oils without good information as I have in the past made so many mistakes in this area. Because these are a major expense in my soap making, it is important to be reasonably certain it will work well.

Your help will be appreciated.
I've heard that the BA fragrances are from Lubermoth (sp?), so maybe you could find the info you're looking from there?
I've only ordered one FO from Bulk Apothecary and I didn't like the scent at all. It was cucumber melon and was just way too over powering and just smelled too fake. Not close to the BBB original.
I dont care for the company, but I did get one FO from them that I like, and it was the Japanese Cherry Blossom..very strong and holds extremely well in CP

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