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Jan 11, 2016
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Dear Friends..

Is it ok to use Essential oil, coloring for food? They don't contain alkohol.

Is there anyone ever use them for MP process? Please share your opinion..

Thanks in advance


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Jan 21, 2014
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So Cal
You can use essential oils or fragrance oils for Melt and Pour soap - an easy way to tell how much is to use the Bramble Berry Calculator:
Just make very sure that if you are using fragrance oils that you use some that are skin safe, and not made for something like candles. And know that some essential oils can be irritants - like clove.

For colors, I have used food colors in bath bombs to good effect, so I would think they would work in melt and pour soap, but I will let more experienced people chime in.
Mar 18, 2015
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I've read all over the internet not to use food colors in MP soap but there is no reason not to. They are FD&C dyes just like you'd get with lab colors from bramble berry. The only difference is that they are already pre-diluted and ready to use. That makes them great for MP soap. Just be aware that some of them contain other additives. I wouldn't use the gel ones with added sugar but the ones with propylene glycol/water are great.

A little definitely goes a long way. Keep in mind that food colors/FD&C dyes/lake colors will bleed. That means you need to use them in designs that you don't mind if the colors diffuse into each other. Green and blue will also fade rapidly if exposed to sunlight. As long as you don't use an insanely high amount, you should not have any problems with skin/tub/washcloth staining.

I did a lot of MP soap for a few years and I always kept my food colors handy. It was inexpensive and effective.