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Nov 14, 2010
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Fragrance Buddy is currently having a 25% off sale with the code PROMO4, so I ordered a few scents that are new to me.

Bob's Flower Shop (thanks math ace for the knowledge that it smells like my favorite flower - carnations!)
Ancient Incense
Monkey Farts (since the reviews said it did NOT accelerate and my husband just asked for more soap in this scent)
Suntan Lotion
The Original

BTW - did I ever mention that their Weather Vane FO is amazing and sticks well past the 6 month mark?
I'm actually hoping to soap for the first time (in what seems like forever) this weekend - I just have to hold on until I'm off call at the hospital tomorrow!!
I'll be soaping all new to me FO's in these batches and trying some fun new additives like egg white powder, coconut powder, and vanilla bean specks :)


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May 6, 2015
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Since there's a sale, I will get my notes here as best I can.
Oakmoss - I haven't soaped it yet, but it is nice OOB and seems strong.
Black Canyon - Nice men's cologne type of fragrance. Holding well at 4 months. Discolors to medium brown.
The Comforter - At 4 months this has faded. I would be surprised if it lasted for a year.
Kingship - I wanted to compare this to Nurture's Anarchy - both are dupes of Lush Lord of Misrule. I just made soap to do this a few days ago. FB discolors to a light tan, NS to ivory. They are different, but similar. No comment on retention. I should also say don't judge OOB or while soaping. It develops beautifully during cure.
Butterfly Flower - Some acceleration and it riced the last time I used it. Nothing that isn't easily worked around. Sticks well.
Clean Cotton - at 4 months has faded considerably. Riced and accelerated. I don't recommend this one.
White Tea and Ginger - Strong and sticks. One of my favorites from FB. This one always seems to develop ash for me.
Pineapple Mango - Sweet, tropical fruity fragrance. Sticks well.

math ace

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Nov 30, 2018
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Jacksonville, FL
I placed my FB order. I guess we will have to test and update the forum with our findings.

I keep forgetting to try weathervane!

I ordered the following;
Bartlett pear,
Baby Powder,
Black Canyon,
Black Coconut,
City Life,
Cranberry Citrus,
Coconut lime verbena,
Cucumber Melon,
Dark Knight,
Lavender sage,
Little Black Dress,
Mandarin Plum,
Monkey Farts,
Red Currant,
Sexual Liberation,
Sweater Weather,
White Mint,
Winter candy apple,
Winter princess,


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