Fragrance and essential oil regulation?

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Dec 5, 2023
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Vancouver BC
Hi, I am new with the cold processed soap making and I have been just mixing in the essential and fragrance oil without thinking until I found that there's essential oil and fragrance regulation?
Where do I find that? I am in canada and now I am suspecting the soaps that I made are even safe to use 😂 Thank you !!
@ymk515, each soap supplier, no matter what country you are in, should have a % rate of usage of each FO or EO on the listing of the fragrance. If they don't, don't buy from them. I wouldn't be adding fragrance willy nilly as it could be too much.
Soap suppliers should list the IFRA rate for the fragrance oils they sell. This is the usage rate that is considered skin safe, but sometimes a fragrance can be skin safe at a percentage that is more than you would want to use in your soap. I don’t use more than 6% of my oil weight, which is about one ounce of fragrance for each pound of oils in your batch. If the scent isn’t strong enough at 6%, I won’t use the fragrance in soap again.

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