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Nov 5, 2007
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Hey all,

I need your help. I have a fragrance oil that really accelerates trace after I pour it in the soap batter and won't allow me to make my soap the way I want to. Today I poured the fragrance in my pot of thinly traced soap and then separated it into 3 parts. I had to take it by spoonfuls into the other containers because it was already so thick. :( This is why I don't do HP. I like to pour the soap in my mold when it is still at thin to medium trace.

How do you guys work with fragrances that greatly accelerate trace?

I'm going to try my batch again later this week, and I think I am going to wait to add the FO until the entire batch is already in the mold, swirled and all. Do you think this would solve the problem? Thanks for your help.

Hi -

I really wouldn't recommend adding the fragrance in the mold. You have no way of telling if it is thoroughly incorporated into the soap. It could separate or leave parts of the batches unscented and worse yet - leave parts of the batch with too much FO which could be irritating to the skin.

Can you alter your recipe for this fragrance? For example - if you are using a milk recipe try water instead and if you are discounting the water - use full water for this FO.

My best advice if altering your recipe doesn't help would be to look for the same fragrance from another supplier and give it a go. Just because an FO is skin safe doesn't mean it's actually soapable.
Hi Chris, I mix fast moving scents, mainly florals, in with a one of my conditioning oils in the recipe. You hold that oil back, add your scent, stir good, then add to the batter at very light trace. This really helps. :wink:

Thanks for the tips guys.

I got this FO from Brambleberry so I'm sure it's soapable, just hard to work with at this point.

I am going to mix it in next time with my olive oil and see if that works for me.

I usually soap at a luke-warm temperature so I'm not sure if the temperature is the cause. Later on I may have to try it at room temperature and see.

I am going to try and rebatch this batch though because it is just too crumbly for me.

I love the mold Paul. The soaps slipped out of the divider with ease.