formualting a low oil emulsion

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Jul 2, 2008
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somewhere north of Eden
I have a lotion formula that I put alot into's my pride & joy ...and I do love it ...and my customers love it - in the spirit of becoming as natural as possible, I tried to tweek it a bit & it just isn't working. I've come to the conclusion that low oil emulsions are a special issue all their own.

This particular formual is 5.89% emulsifier, 5.85 actual oils/butters, .50% dimethicone & 1.56% IPM ...okay, it's great, it's light, spreads nice & absorbs really fast - so I'll leave well enough

...BUT - in the spirit of being 'as natural as possible' - I'd like to create something w/o the dimethicone & IPM I getting into the body serum idea then? I want a fluid low oil formula with no white drag/soaping. I don't want it thin as water- - maybe a body wash consistancy. I like the feel of GuarSilk in low concentration, ( .50 max) but this is not thick enough - other gums seem tacky - I want to emulsify about 4-5% oils into this ...waxes( such as found in common emulsifiers ...also tried OliveEm, Sod.Stearoyl Lactylate) don't really work well w/ the GuarSilk I use one of the polysorbates? Which is most appropriate? How do I thicken this?? Thanks!!

( sorry for the cross post )