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Mar 4, 2007
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Southern WV

I forgot to stop in here & introduce. So here goes:

I'm a soapmaker (cp), candlemaker, and bath/body product maker, operating a small business out of my home that's doing pretty well now in it's 3rd year. I love to chat with fellow soap/candle-makers, and basically just make new friends everywhere I go.

I'm married for the second (and last) time, to a great guy who's step-dad to my two teenaged children...a 15 yo daughter, and a 17 yo son. My kids help me to come up with creative ideas for my product lines, and they love to be my testers. They're also GREAT at spreading the word to all their friends at school, who then tell their parents, grandparents, and so on. Terrific boost to sales! :)

In my spare time I love to play in my flower bed, and I prefer to grow my own flowers from seed, although I'm not that great at it & most of them don't make it. I don't have as much spare time as I used to because along with the increase in business, I'm also enrolled as a full-time student at a community college where I'm going after my Master's degree in Accounting. Can anyone say FULL PLATE?? LOLOL.

Ok, enough about me. I'm officially introduced now. I might know some of you from other forums, and if not, well..I look forward to getting to know you from scratch!