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Jan 14, 2014
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Happy Easter to you; just taking the time remember the "reason for the season"

Easter didn't really mean much to me - certainly its not as grandiose as Christmas. Several years ago I finally read and paid attention to the whole "Easter story". It was in reading about Jesus in Gesthemane where I finally realized that, despite being God, He felt utter terror at what He was about to do, and did it anyway. That is love.

The little efficacious gentleman also wanted to wish you all a happy Easter.
Happy Easter my friends. May you day be as much about the gift of eternal life as it is the eggs and bunnies!
Happy Easter every one. I just received an mp3 file of one of my favorite young ladies singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." She was about 11 when I moved to Chattanooga and has an amazing voice. Age has only improved it. Now she's a stay-at-home mom living in LA with her lawyer husband. I miss her sweet spirit and incredible voice. It was so humbling to hear her again today singing such a powerful song: "I know that my redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives! He lives, he lives, who once was dead. He lives, my ever-living head. He lives to bless me with his love. He lives, to plead for me above. He lives, my hungry soul to feed. He lives to bless in time of need..." This is one of my favorite hymns and so appropriate for this blessed day.