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Jan 12, 2008
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Hi Everyone.
I'm looking at making butters and just wanted to ask about adding Salts to product. In a recent post someone said they buy theirs from WSP and just add FO or EO. Can I do the same with the salts if so what kind of salt and can I still whip it by hand.
In the past I've added sugar to it, so I assume that you can add salt...

What type of salt would depend on how scrubby you wanted it to be.

As for whipping it, when I added sugar, I whipped it with a little hand-held mixer.
Becky I just saw you are an QLD'er. I'm a Brissie girl. Good to talk to an Aussie
Yep, there's not many of us here :lol:

I just use plain, home brand, white sugar. If I remember correctly, I used equal weights of bath butter and sugar.