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Mar 27, 2014
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USA, Midwest
Ok so awhile back I bought a bottle of FO from another soaper but she would. OT give me the name of the supplier and overcharged me for the oil I am sure which is what it is because I wanted it. But I know a lot of her scents and I think her supplier is Wellington. Problem is I have never used them before and when I did a search of site I noted they are lacking in a lot of common info most suppliers give you such as flash points and activity in CP. So this has made me a bit worried about ordering from them.
So I was wondering if anyone has used them or uses them regularly and what your opinion is about them. I am wondering about quality/concentration of the oil. For example my current supplier give the standard 1 oz per lb recommendation but Fragrances are so strong I rarely have to use more than .5/LB and some times as low as .3.
Also is there a way to find out there flashpoint info without having to call about each one. Do you find their shipping and processing time to be expedient. Lastly, how do they come packaged ie glass with droppers, plastic bottles with drip caps or just plain glass or plastic bottles.
Thanks in advance for any information and help you may provide.:-D


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Apr 2, 2012
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I have used them in the past as they are local to me and I can pick up from their warehouse. However, when i first used them I had really good luck with their fragrances. They worked well and smelled nice in soap. I especially loved the Raspberry Patchouli. But, after a year and half I orders a couple fragrances and they all riced and would not come back together no matter what I did. So, with that being said I haven't used them in over a year now. I still have a couple fragrances I haven't used and am kind of afraid to use them.