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Dec 23, 2007
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Washougal Washington on to New Mexico
I tried to make a oatmeal and lavender soap.

I melted 1 cup of glycerin with red dye and eo lavender

1 cup of cocnut w/ yellow dye, I added 3 tbl spoons of finely ground oatmel ( which cooled my mix real fast)

I lined my baby loaf pan with saran wrap

I poured and tried to swirl but the cocnut with oatmel was hardning to fast to get a good swirl, the top looked great, but the bottom where the glycerin ended up with oatmeal on the bottom was not so nice, I found the saran wrap getting in the way.

overall it smelled great, I havnt tried it yet.
I loved how the powdered oatmel felt on my skin. hoping that is translated in my bar. I dont want to have to go running for lotion after use. :oops: :D

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