First swirl attempt.

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Sep 12, 2007
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I just tried out my first swirl attempt after some stuff from Brambleberry came in. This soap is special made for my BF. His favorite color is blue and I heard cool water was a nice scent for men... so that is what I went with.

I did learn a few things using Titanium Dioxide and Ultramarine Blue. For one thing, don't use yellowy oil if you want white. Also, use white if you want blue with yellowy oils, otherwise you end up with green. I only wasted a little colorant and oil, and would have messed up a whole batch of soap if I had not.

Here is a picture of it put in mold.


Can't wait to see it cut. Got my crinkle cutter too to try out.

EDIT: This batch I was aiming at 1/3 blue and 2/3 white. Next time I would do a lot less blue (or any other color) and predominantly white to see how that works.
Well, it gelled, but I don't get why it is causing ripples. Why? I had one other soap do that and I have yet to figure out the correlation. Anyone?

Hm, I wonder. The part that looks ripply was gelling before I looked. So maybe me constantly peeking after kept it cooler. Hm... Strange too this one was the lowest outer temperature (using infared temperature gun) of any of my other soaps. I wondered if it would gel or not, but when I couldn't stand it anymore, I peeked and saw the ripple only up to that point. I will likely cut the top off as I don't like it.


Sometimes what you see top down isn't the same as you find it at a side view. I guess I did use enough white, but my swirling technique needs more work. Can't wait to cut it up tomorrow morning.

I should probably stop sniffing the soap. It won't have any scent left when I am done.
Well, I think 1/3 blue was nice, but I need to work on my technique. Making sure the top doesn't get ugly either so I don't have to cut it off.


And it cut...


Not to bad I think for first time around.
WOW (picking jaw off floor!) what a great first soap!!!! Very, very impressive! I think we have a master soapmaker here in this girl gang!

Looks like whispy clouds on a spring afternoon! 8)


Paul.... :wink:

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