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Feb 23, 2022
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Fullerton, CA
Well, it was yesterday, but I did my first market type event! I’ve been afraid of the entire process of transporting everything, creating a nice display, etc. so I have avoided them. But it was just a small church Christmas bazaar at my church so I felt comfortable being around familiar people for a first shot at this. I did really well considering everybody goes there to get a bargain, win some door prizes and eat the yummy luncheon of turkey salad and turkey soup that they make and serve. Lol. I learned a lot. I brought too much stuff. There’s no handicap access so it was a lot of lugging heavy boxes of soap and everything else up and down stairs, But I had a really nice time and I broke the ice. Here’s a picture. I couldn’t put my banner up because they didn’t allow anything on the walls and it’s a huge banner. Need to get a smaller one for the front of the table. I’m actually very proud of myself!
That looks so professional! I love the organization and display of all the products.

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