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Sep 19, 2013
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Bonham, Texas
Let me start by saying I've never actually used a lotion bar before.
So I got curious, looked up a recipe and got to work. Here's what I did:
1 part shea butter
1 part cocoa butter
1 part white beeswax
1 part light oil (I did 1/2 grapeseed 1/2 avocado)
I also added some FO, but I don't think I did enough.
Melted it down, added the liquid oils and FO, popped in the fridge for about an hour. I took them out about two hours ago, and they're rather soft sitting on my counter. It's actually difficult to pick one up since they're rather slippery, and I'm sure I could squish one in my bare hands if I tried.
I was imagining something I could hold to apply it to my skin, but even barely touching these leaves my fingerprints on them. Is this normal? It's about 75 degrees in my house, is that too warm? Or did I do the recipe wrong?
Also, I didn't use deodorized cocoa butter and it seems to have overpowered my FO. Is it worth it to pick some up for future lotions?
Sorry so many questions, I feel so lost!
While I haven't made lotion bars myself, a quick review of recipes on the Internet tells me that you will need atleast 33% or 1/3rd of the recipe to be beeswax while yours was 25%. May be you could measure out the rest of beeswax and melt it together with the bars, it would probably kill the FO.
Or may be you could just keep them in the fridge between uses.
I can't believe the one recipe I decided to follow only had 25% beeswax...
I can just melt these back down and add more beeswax, right?
Yes you can remelt them. You certainly need more beeswax or any wax for that matter. I use sunflower wax and or rice bran wax along with beeswax. I make up large batches of my lotion bar base so I can fragrance it when I need to. Adding in some IPM (Isopropyl Myristate) will really help cut the oily feel of lotion bars. Some use modified cornstarch but ipm is best.
I use 25-30% Beeswax in mine along with Shea and Cocoa or Mango. I too use IPM and love the difference in the feel. I do make sure they don't sit in the direct sun as they will melt. I prefer a softer bar as too much beeswax feels draggy to me.
I don't use beeswax in mine but they are pretty solid! I just use a combination if cocoa, mango and/or shea butter though no liquid oils. I always think of products with beeswax as having more of a 'balm' type feel to them but maybe that's just me!

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