First Hangar Swirl

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Dec 3, 2023
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Utah, USA
This is my 5th batch of soap and I was finally brave enough to try a hangar swirl! Reusable zip ties worked really well (and they were like $5 at the store near me) and so far the Spirulina is holding up as a nice natural sage-hued Colorant. Activated charcoal for the black portion, and I let the fragrance oil discolor the white portion to a light tan. It smells like pine with undertones of vanilla, raspberry, and sandalwood. To be honest it's probably more of a Christmas scent but if you have any non-holiday name suggestions I'd love to hear them 🙌
Nicely done! There’s good movement from the swirl and I really like the balance of the colors. I’m not good with naming soap so can’t help you there.
Thank you! I was so worried I'd swirled too much and it would be muddy, but it turns out over blending the batter worked out in my favor and the colors all stayed pretty separate.
How about Pinewoods for a name or Woodberry Pine or Berrycream Pine.
I think on the next batch I do with this fragrance, I'll add more raspberry scent just so I can call it Berrycream Pine, that sounds so delightful!