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Feb 7, 2009
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Crookston Minnesota
I made my first batch of coffee "worlds best" from NG soap in my new molds. It didnt gel! So really cant get out without damaging the bars so will leave in molds a couple days yet.. My guestion is.. I usally will put a heating pad under soaps i have trouble Gelling.. But didnt with these.. Is there a better way to get these in silicone molds to gel? Also i have seen people talk about putting in the oven after pouring to get to gel? Do you leave in tell the next day or take out after Gelling. Id rather not do it this way i guess.. Thanx for any input!
If you CPOP (put it in the oven after cold process) in a silicone mold it can make little bubbles on the sides of the soap. They're not terrible and don't affect the soap performance, but they are very noticeable. I used mine to my advantage and made "lava rock" soap lol

Mine don't CPOP like that. I use essential depot silicon molds.

I preheat the oven to 120 turn it off when I put the soap in and let it go overnight. Then unmold it and cut it.

My CPOP doesn't look like those either. I use silicone lined wood molds and turn the over to 170 (lowest it goes) and turn it off when I put it in the oven. Leave it alone for 12 or so hours. I have also used a heating pad and it does help but seems to take forever. Had to keep turning the pad back on. You will find a system that works for you. It just takes a bit of time.
Wood liners for silicone mold.
Oven at 160 -170 F. Preheated with a chunk 'O iron in it( holds the heat).
Make soap. Put soap in mold.
Put soap on rimmed baking sheet and into oven.
Shut oven off.
Come back the next morning and be ready to cut soap.

As long as the water : lye ratio is 33% or higher the soap will gel. The melting point of "low water" soaps is too high for gel to take place at this temperature.
Try the heating pad, you should be able to get it there.

I made 3 batches today of coffee and used a heating pad under my new individual silicone molds and they gelled!! Whoo hoo! So hopefully i will be able to unmold tomorrow without any problems! I put the last ones in the freezer for a while and they unmolded ok but i did damage some of the corners as this batch didnt gel so was still soft.. Would have waited but needed to make more today... Thank you for all your input!
Now im thinking i need another heating pad...
I wonder if a heating blanket would work!??
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CPOP doesn't always cause bubbles like those pictured. We've gone back and forth on this forum trying to figure it out, but the best we could come up with was overheating. I always CPOP in my silicone molds and never have had bubbles. This is how I do it. I turn the oven on to it's lowest setting, 170, and put the empty mold in there to preheat while I soap. Just before pouring, I take the mold out, pour, put it back in the oven, turn the oven off, and leave it til the next morning. By then, it has gelled all the way to the edges, and cooled, and is ready to unmold without any bubbles. The sides are smooth as glass. If your soap doesn't gel, you'll need to leave it in the mold longer, maybe several days, to let it finish saponifying, and get to the point where it's not so soft that you dent it when trying to unmold. I'm glad the heating pad worked for you, it's another good way to insure gel. I've done it that way too, but my kitchen is really tiny, and counter space at a premium, so I just do it in the oven now, and it works for me every time.