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Mar 5, 2021
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I was so excited last November to make my first lard soap and couldn't wait to make more. Well life gets busy as we all know, my mom is on home hospice in my house. Some days are better than others.

I made the decision to try vendor events in my area and have two under my belt with 4 more over the next 6 weeks. Its been a great way to see what people want and drive traffic to my website.

I did finally make 2 more lard soaps this weekend with 3 more in the on deck circle. The Japanese cherry blossom is my logo so I've been wanting to make this soap for quite a while. I was so excited and half way through my mica morphed big time. I forgot I read that it does this and will morph back but in a panic I aborted my plans for a swirl and dumped the allotted swirl batter back into the main container to try to lighten the color. I quickly poured it and set it on the heating pad.

A few hours later I peaked at the mold and it was the perfect color I wanted so I started working on the next loaf. It was getting late and I was getting tired so I soaped a little warmer than usual but the loaf came together nicely, even the few extra bars I poured into silicone molds. Really wanted to start the next few today but this 3 day rain storm is killing my bones.

*** The last pic has soap 7 hours apart
tempImageOeMTvL.png tempImageS0mHOm.png tempImager9YQD4.png


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