Finally getting something I like (SMF=bad (good?) influence?)

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Sep 28, 2017
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Hi all
I do not post pics of my projects because they never come out 'quite right', but with MP, even if they look fugly they are still *soap*! LOL
So, after all the gloppy drama, and was on here - well, I really hate to say someone else's soap inspired me because mine is still ugly and theirs is amazing - although a few probably illegal in FL ;) @basti 's thread "..Adventures.." and the comment about having 'too much time on your hands' triggered a bit of insight and I decided to try this layered thing, doing numbers for the thin bands of white, etc.

This took a few days, because I was pouring one or two layers a day.
The center layer was supposed to be sworled, but I am pretty sure it was not laziness an more "I wanted to try something" - got the soap down to a lower temp with both and tried to sworl in one step. Did not really work - guess the mica'd stuff is heavier than the non-mica'd stuff! heh
Anyhoo - all MP: oatmeal for the brown bits, coconut for the white bits, standard clear for the center bits, all scented lavender because I was feeling uncreative and I am still a 'ho for lavender.
And not I want to do more stripes/bands!....if I invest in more micas, I too can do some pride bands! WOO!

What beautiful colors, and so clean and even! Color me officially jealous of your soapy stunners!

Thank you!
The note I took from basti's thread was "patience", so I basically poured with many hours (or overnight) in between.
That works very well for me as I am disabled and have small windows of being functional, so will likely expand on this!

As for colours: LOL - I only have like 3 or 4 micas (blue, purple, pink, chocolate brown).
Blue for ginger soap
Purple for lavender soap
Pink for rose soap
(see? uncreative)
and the brown is for coconut soap which has a brown band at one side and then just the white MP

So yeah - not very creative. :)
I'm proud of you! You got those clean lines 🔥🔥

What the governor doesn't know won't hurt him 🌈🤣

Thank you!
You mentioned patience so I poured those 5 layers over 3 days. LOL
I actually got tired of dedicating counter space to it, so I am glad it is over!

But new ideas are kind of sparkling, so again: thank you!

oh and your governor: heh heh