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Jun 28, 2016
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Can liberated FFAs be transparent? Or are they always white?

I ask because I'm attempting to fix a failed batch (first overly superfatted, then overly KOH-ed, now attempting to neutralize with CA), and I don't have any parameters of determining when to stop adding CA, except for the visible cue of seeing liberated FFAs forming a layer on top of the diluted soap.

It stopped zapping I think (so the soap should be fairly safe to use), but when I shake it up it looks as if there is an oily layer on top (transparent). Which is weird, because I kept adding and adding, expecting to see a WHITE layer form.

Edit: after the last addition, some white floaties aren't getting dissolved anymore. I guess I've finally done away with excess KOH. Was expecting a white oily layer, but this is an indication as well. Still a bit confused about the transparent oilyness though.
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