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Hi Ya'll

Maybe someone one has some help or ideas.

But in talking with another crafter I have found that she makes a 'cream' and does not use a preservative. But she does use rosemary and says it's a preservative.

I have tried and tried to search the FDA site for information on this but I can't find what I need.

Tabitha said:
This is an age old delima.

The FDA does not recognize natural preserves in cosmetics but they do in pet products like doggie shampoo & I think *some* in foods but can't swear to that.

Does anyone have the link to the page where the FDA says this. I have seen it written on numerous web sites, but I can't seem to find it on the actual FDA web pages.

I'm sure the FDA requires some sort of preservative in a cream/lotion being sold but I can't seem to find the exact link to that pages.

I did send them an email and they sent me this link....
which really didn't help me out.......

I want to prove to this other ebay seller what she is doing is wrong, but I can't find the right FDA links to show her.

But then she also seems to think that the FDA are killers and she is a 'healer' as well. And she can say and sell what she feels like as well.

But then she also just listed a salve and says this about it....

Two ounces of topical first aid herbal salve to help the body heal cuts, scrapes, bruises,and abrasions quickly.

Chaparral, Comfrey, and Plantain are the three healing herbs in this effective salve. Apply liberally to affected area.

This stuff works great!

Does anyone else get as frustrated at the FDA web site for trying to find information.

It's not written clearly and it's hard to navigate and really hard to find exactly what your looking for......

PS, I personally use commercial preservatives appropriate for the product being made. I don't use natural herber products to preserve my products.

But then that also makes me wonder about other sellers who also state in their listing that they don't use a presersative at all in their lotions. I wonder how legal this is....

Rosemary essential oil? No not a preservative

ROE (rosemary oil extract)? No not a preservative...its an antioxidant which helps oils from going rancid too quickly. Extends shelf life.

My guess is that this gal does not know what she is talking about and if she is not using a preservative she will eventually get mold/yeast/bacteria.
I continually do research on safe preservatives, and hoping that some day we will be able to use one. That day is not today. There was a topic here this past week about this sensitive subject (pun intended) and I started researching new info again.


There are a few sites promoting a natural preservative, but I would never use it and sell until I had personally tested it for a year under harsh conditions, then have it lab tested! I will continue to use my 3 or 4 paraben based preservatives. Safe with them is better than a hurt, or worse customer! :shock:

Paul.... :wink:
Much as I would love it to be otherwise, I have to agree with Paul. There are no really safe alternatives. I have looked at Optiphen, but it looks very finicky to use.