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Sep 12, 2015
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New Brunswick, Canada
I bought a set of EO on Amazon from this Fabulous Frannie brand and I am not at all happy with it. I used it in my soap, but the scent does not carry into the soap at all no matter how much I put in. I compared the lavender from the set with a better, more expensive brand of lavender and there was a HUGE difference using the same recipe amounts. I did the same with the tea tree oil. I do not recommend wasting your money on this EO brand.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this brand or suggestions for another brand so I don't have to spend over 25$ a bottle for good results? I'd rather not spend more money on EO's that don't work.
I don't have any Canadian suppliers for you, since I'm not in Canada. Liberty Naturals gets good reviews here. I really like Camden Grey. Look for companies that sell to soapmakers and candlemakers. I think they are some of the only people buying EOs in larger quantities - by the ounce or more. Vs the people who are happy to pay $5 for a 15 mL bottle of lavender b/c that will last them for a year in their oil warmer.
Try New Directions Aromatics. Their EOs are good for soapmaking. If liberty Naturals ships to Canada, it would be another good supplier with more options.