exfoliating add-ins for CP soap?

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Feb 19, 2008
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Can someone tell me what items can be added to CP soap to make it exfoliating (a little "scratchy")? We added oatmeal to a batch, but used to much, so it is too scratchy. We can't think of what else to use or what to call that kind of thing in order to search supplies web sites.

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I'm sure someone will jump in here and direct you to previous posts and thread (or whatever) I don't know how, though I know I've read stuff here and there where members had many, many things that can be used. Right off the top of my head though....
Lavender Buds (I ground these too)
Oatmeal (ground would probably work better and not in excessive amounts-i made that mistake once, had a rather weird hunk of oat-something left once most of the soap was gone...lol!)
Poppy Seeds
Apricot Seeds (ground of course!)

Maybe that will help, but I'm sure there's more help forthcoming!
Good Luck!
I made a "summer berry" soap recently using flavoured herbal tea. At trace I added the contents of a tea bag (2 lbs of soap) for more fragrance. The tea leaves give you a light exfoliation.
I guess I sort of answered my own question! Imagine that soap suppliers would have a "exfoliators" section. Duh! Tea is a good idea too.

I found some Rhassoul clay that my DH wants to use. Anyone know at what point in the process to add the clay?

Corn meal, pumice and ground loofah are all great in addition to those already mentioned. Anything that won't ROT in a soap works beautifully. Dried herbs and fruit seeds usually do well. Fresh - not so much. I tried fresh cucumber seed and it went moldy. Dried them and tried again and they were fine. Go figure. :)

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