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Jan 9, 2008
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Hello im trying to make a soap bar similar to this AWESOME one, i used at a friends. Does anyone have any ideas to share of things to use for an exfoliant? :? these looked like some sort of seeds but i have used a couple other things, although it seems that especially the more stuff i add the more sediment effect i get. Are there any little tricks to an even bar?

You can use many things for exfoliation. Poppy seeds, Oatmeal and coffee grounds are both popular and so are actual seeds and peels from fruit. You have to grind them up to a consistency that won't REMOVE your skin though and go very easy on them. Oatmeal is nice and gentle. You should also take into account what they will look like in soap as many will turn brown and some fresher type of items could mold.

Add them at medium to thick trace to keep them from sinking to the bottom.
I use finely ground pumice from Magestic Mountain Sage. I add quite a bit- enough to turn the soap dark gray in color. The pumice is fine enough that it won't be too harsh. I don't rub the bar directly on my body, however; I get up a lather in my hands then use the lather to wash my face at night- makes my skin nice and smooth.
I prefer poppy seeds but have also used apricot kernal and corn meal w/ great success. Jojobs beads can be fun too.
If you want to go the 'unnatural' route, polyethylene beads seem to be the industry's first choice as an exfoliant. These are more commonly known as 'microbeads'. Hard to source though, and most handmade soap purchasers probably prefer something more natural.

I second all of the above suggestions...another though that I didn't see mentioned is walnut hulls. These can be purchased a lot of different ways, and I've even seen them starting to pop up in commercial products.

Good luck!