Ever try Hawaiian Sandalwood FO?


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Apr 9, 2016
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I recently purchased some Sandalwood scented aftershave from Stirling Soap Co. and this scent is mesmerizing(fantastic aftershave too). From what I can tell, they use a Hawaiian Sandalwood FO. I have to find this FO so I can make soap with it( a lot of soap)!

It's not fruity, pineappley, or coconutty at all(what you might expect from something labeled Hawaiian). It has a woodsy, earthy scent you would expect from sandalwood, but then there is something else in there that is indescribable. Think rare, exotic spice. It's warm, slightly sweet, and absolutely intoxicating. I could sit around and smell this all day long. If I'm wearing it, my wife stops me every time she passes by, takes a big whiff, then let's out a sigh of ecstasy. Yes, it's that good! She has forbid me from wearing it to work fearing that women may start sniffing around. But I'm going to try it tomorrow and see what happens. :)

Anyway, I found a couple places that have a Hawaiian Sandalwood and just wondering if anyone has tried any that possibly match my description.
Looks like Oregon Trail and Rustic Escentuals have a version. Going off the descriptions, I'm thinking the Rustic Escentuals could be it.

Anyone ever tried it??
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