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Even pencils need curing


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Sep 23, 2010
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Next time you use a pencil think about this video - very labour intensive even with machinery to get an end product. I never knew how they were made.

Mobjack Bay

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Apr 19, 2019
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That’s very neat. I always wondered how they got the lead into the middle of the wood :).

Caic Tarbh

That’s very neat. I always wondered how they got the lead into the middle of the wood :).
I had assumed that the wood portion of the pencil was a single piece and they drilled it out before putting the graphite in there. I was surprised to see that they start with two grooved pieces and then lay the lead between them and then glue the two pieces together. I had never noticed a seam line on the pencils, but to be totally honest, I have never examined the bare wood portion under a strong magnifying glass either.

I always write down the mileage on my gas receipts when I refuel my cars so that I can keep track of it -- reduced gas mileage could mean that something needs to be looked at. Any ink pens left in the car never seem to work when I need them and pencils see to either get misplaced or the tip breaks off rolling around in the car. On the other hand, I have found that a lead bullet makes for a great writing instrument for those credit card receipts, albeit a rather blunt tip writing instrument. I also don't have to worry about pressing too hard and making an indentation on the plastic over the center horn button on the steering wheel which I'm normally using as a writing platform. I cast my own bullets and reload my own ammo, so finding a bullet laying around the car is a lot easier than finding a pencil / pen that actually is working. :) I've considered making a longer holder for the bullets so that it could be held more like a pencil instead of just between the tips of my fingers. Maybe use a set screw to keep the bullet in the holder? Some people might think that this is a strange writing instrument, but it works well for this particular specialized usage.

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