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Feb 18, 2014
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I've seen a couple mentions of Essentials by Catalina as a supplier, but all of them refer to pre-made bases. Does anyone have experience with their fragrance oils? I picked up quite a few of them on a whim, and because they had some great sounding fragrances I hadn't seen anywhere else.

So two major questions: all of their fragrances have the same statement that says that they are uncut cosmetic grade, and 1% is recommended for a strong scent. By contrast, BB usually suggests 3% for a strong scent, which is the percentage I use in my body butter. Should I assume EBC's fragrances are that much stronger and adjust my formula?

Also, should I assume the fragrance should change drastically from OOB at such a lower percentage? I got Cassis Violet, which is described as blackcurrant and sweet violet. But OOB, it has a really strong green note (almost oniony) and very little sweetness. I want to give it a shot but I'd hate to waste the materials if it turns out smelling like onion soup.