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Aug 6, 2015
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Where does everyone buy their essential oils? I have bought a couple from amazon. Some are great and others are terrible. I really need a better source that is reliable for great quality. Thanks!
Wholesale Supplies Plus, Bramble Berry, Eden Botanicals, Camden Grey, Liberty Natural, The Perfumery and Nature's Garden.
Camden Grey. If I'm buying from one of my more general suppliers, like WSP or Brambleberry, then I might throw in 2 ounces of mint or lavender EO. But if I want several EOs, or a more substantial quantity, then Camden Grey.
I have tried around over the years and I am consistently happier with - Just my humble opinion and experience.
I mostly purchase fragrance from Bramble Berry because it is the only company I have found that says how the scent will most likely behave in cold process soap. I would like to try other companies but they just do not give enough information.

I have had a lot of fragrances cause problems and ruined my soap batches when I had no reliable information about how they would perform.