Essential oils won't stick to my soap

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Feb 20, 2007
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I'm fairly new at soapmaking, and I'm loving it. Except my soaps look very nice but they don't smell.
I tried adding coffee essential oil, pear, and others but none of them stuck. I started adding more than what the recipe asked for but as soon as the oil was mixed in, the scend dissapeared.

Any suggestions?
Hello there

Well it can vary....If your making cp i've heard that the smell dissipates while curing and then when you wash with it you can smell it. I'm no expert on that subject just something someone told me. Now I make mp and when I add eo's I smell them instantly and even more if I allow them to cure(so to speak) for a few more days. I just made handmilled soaps and you can't smell the eo but when you wash with it you do. Then the other thing is it could be that the eo you bought may not have been pure? Just like there are different grades of lavender I assume it makes a difference. Hope I helped
Some soap recipes don't call for enough. I haev to always add more to them than I think I need. Also I suggest you wait until the soap is just ready to pour into molds, becuase when the water is mixed together with the lye, and the essential oils at roughly the same time, the lye eats the smell of the essential oils.

Hope this helps!