Essential oils - top, middle and base notes in soap making

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Apr 19, 2019
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Here are a couple of useful references for soap makers who are interested in creating essential oil blends with top, middle and base notes. The two tables provided don’t agree 100%, but the relative ordering of the various essential oils aligns fairly well.

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salves: Natural Soap and Essential Oils
Jan Berry, “The Nerdy Farmwife”: 30 Essential Oils for Soapmaking

For a list of essential oils that stick in soap, as identified by soap makers of SMF, check out this post:

When using essential oils for soap making, be aware that they are active compounds and should be used within skin safe limits. You can learn more about essential oil safety at the website and at, where you will also find guidance on safe usage levels for soap and other products. The EOCalc website provides a calculator for checking the safe usage of your own blends. In addition, look for IFRA data and other technical support documents from the seller. These documents are usually linked from the webpage for the product.