EO rate for perfume purpose . HELP PLEASE !

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May 29, 2008
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I have added Essential Oils to my recipe (Goat Milk & Tallow Soap).
500 grams tallow
200 grams olive oil
and goat's milk
However I could not get the desired smell even though I added around 15 ml essential oils.It is like I have not added any EO's.What can be the reason?How much EO should I add to that amount of batch?Is it possible the EO I purchased not pure?
thanks for replies,,,
Which EO? Some EOs are stronger than others. What brand?

15 ml is 0.5 oz in US measurements. Your 700 grams of oils is 1.55 lb in US measurements. That means you are using about 0.32 oz ppo, which is in my very limited experience a pretty small amount of EO.

Note the abbreviation "ppo" means "per pound of oil."

I would say that you used too little EO. I've been having problems with my scenting too weak and I've been using 1 oz ppo, three times the concentration you used. Perhaps you need more EO in your recipe.

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