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Apr 19, 2019
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This is the entry thread for the October 2022 SMF Soap Challenge - Laminar Flow Swirl Technique. As a reminder, this entry thread is for challenge photos only. Please post any comments to the general challenge thread, here.

You are welcome to post more than one photo, but the photo for the voting survey should be at the top of your entry post. Your entry may include information about your design, process, colors, fragrance or inspiration.

The entry thread will remain open until October 27, 2022 at 11:59pm GMT. After the entry thread closes, the winning entry will be chosen using Survey Monkey. A message with the voting survey link and password will be sent to those who signed up for the challenge. Voting will remain open until October 29, 2022 at 11:59pm GMT. and the winners will be announced on October 30, 2022. There is no prize attached to this challenge.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Please remember that each participant will need to look up the correct time for the location where they live. Here is a link to one mechanism for determining the correct time in your time zone versus GMT: GMT to CST Converter - Savvy Time
Allow me to kick this off with my rainbow themed laminar swirl. Yes, plenty went wrong with this one some of which you will notice but I'm not going to point out too much before the voting ;). Let's just say I wish I had purpose-built kit for this instead of cardboard cut-outs.
I opted for the rainbow colours because I like to have a rainbow soap to sell at the markets, so at least if this was laminar fail I would still have bright coloured soap. I cut a few in the normal manner and I've included one of those here for comparison ( the penultimate pic). Oh what a difference a cut makes eh?
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Here is my entry! I only used three colors, because I only had three funnel pitchers. 😁 My inspiration for this soap is avocado. I used Avobath from WSP, and avocado oil and Shea butter in the soap.

I tilted the mold and poured all from one end, lessening the tilt through the pour.

The two bars on top were cut vertically (the ends of the loaf mold), while the three on the bottom were all cut horizontally.
Hi all 🌸

Here’s my entry for this months challenge. It was super fun to make, and I really enjoyed learning a new pour technique.
I kept the loaf level for the pour, and did the inside channel from the opposite end of the outside channels.
My son sent me a bunch of color combos for inspiration and I picked the 80s retro color scheme. It was really vibrant right after the pour, but I don’t gel since it’s goat milk soap. I still think the colors are a nice combo, even tho they are more pastel now.
I cut all the bars on the horizontal for this batch.
The scent is Smell the Rainbow by NS, and they do smell delicious! 🌈



For my entry, I attempted to emulate the colors of my beloved (and beleaguered) Minnesota Vikings (an American football team, for those who might not know). As in my fail soap (posted in the other thread), I must not have used enough mica since they look more like Easter season than football season! 😂

I poured all of it from one end, starting with a tilted mold and removing the tilt as I went on. The cut Is horizontal, but I added a shot of my vertical cut, just because I thought it was kinda cool. They’re fragranced with an EO blend of ginger, distilled lime, lemongrass, patchouli, and litsea cubea. They smell yummy and fresh!


My color inspiration, for reference:
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This was my third try. It was poured from one end into a tilted mold, gelled on a heating pad, and cut horizontally. Scent is Awaken from Nurture. Colors are neons from Brambleberry.

I was really torn between this one and my second try, which was poured from opposite ends of a non-tilted mold. My husband had to pick which one looked better since I couldn't decide! For both tries, the hardest thing for me was keeping the size of each pour equal, and not bobbling the dividers as I pulled them out.

Well, I’m glad I listened to @AliOop - this looks much better than I feared! It is so soft it was like cutting frosting, but here it is. I used some infused oils I had - there are five colors although it looks like four. They are: annatto, paprika, alkanet w indigo lye, clover w woad lye, and broad leafed dock (a weed here, in the rhubarb family so I thought it might work like turkey rhubarb, and it does!). The dock oil had madder infused lye. I LOVE how the colors came out. This is worth trying again!
Apologies for smudgy background, no time to fix.
Scented w mango papaya and black raspberry and vanilla.
The link for voting has been sent to those who signed up for this month’s challenge. Due to my delay in posting the voting survey, I will leave the survey open until 11:59 GMT on October 31st unless all votes are in before that.

Good luck everyone!