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Apr 23, 2015
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Central IL
This is a wonderful forum and a very busy one. The people here are great! I can imagine admin is kept very busy. I've had a couple of posts removed and I'm trying not to take it personally. I post in a wide variety of forums and keeping up with the rules is not my strong suite. Maybe, for sensitive people like me who need the occasional "hand-holding" when they do stupid things in public, their borderline business posts could be moved to a forum for newbie business people -- say an "entrepreneur forum?.

Anyway, long story short -- I see there are a number of people who innocently post about a business (in my case Church donations) and their post is removed (I'm not questioning the need to remove it). However, 50 posts are a lot of posts, especially for someone who doesn't like "small talk". I enjoy the off-topic stuff so I'm almost at fifty but for someone like my husband, fifty posts might as well be 500 -- he's never going chit-chat. I would have preferred my post being moved to a forum for "newbies" than feeling like I was being punished (told you I was sensitive) hehehe.

I do think Admin does a great job and the soap forum is FANTASTIC. I hope I don't get kicked out for screwing up :crazy:


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Oct 14, 2007
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You are not going to be kicked out for making an honest mistake, but we strongly urge each new member to become familiar with the rules of the forum. :grin:

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