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Jun 20, 2022
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Hello again.
For a few months I have been making soap letters .
Today I made a batch and embedded those letters in to batch.
My plan was to make two colours for each layers but ı have used a blender and fragrance so the batch got hardened so quick.
It is my first time using a blender. Before that for months I have used a wooden spoon (with holes in the middle) attached to a drill to mix.
Blender worked and mixed it better but I did not like that. I need time and wanted to make first layer smooth and flat to embed letters bu it was like a thick pudding. Whatever. it was hardened so fast and I did not put any colour.
You can see result in the photos.
2 letters in one bar . By the time as they use 2 different letters will show up on each side (back and rear) .I am going to give them to my 14 friends , their and their partner's initial letters.


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Jun 20, 2022
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And the result 🥳 I am satisfied .
I will put a note in box says "remeber me when that bar touches your skin" :p


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