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Jul 2, 2016
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Sydney, Australia
Hello, I'm Ben and I've become addicted to making liquid soap. I've now made so much liquid soap that people are actually getting sick of me giving them liquid soap.

I require help... on making better liquid soap :p

Actually I started off making bar soap (beginning of the year) and have gotten a little bored with it, I found a formula I absolutely love as a bar soap by accident and adding colours and fragrances really doesn't do much for me unless I'm trying to make something that looks rough and rustic and sorta cool looking. Alas I don't make those.

Liquid soap though whole different matter, I've loved playing with colours and fragrances, working out making the soap thicker, better, nicer to use and more of everything. I want perfection and darn it I'll have it!

I've been hanging around for a while now and joined only recently and have been pretty much reading every thread in the liquid/cream forum and have definitely learnt a ton already.

So hello everyone :)