Eekk!! It's like Christmas!!

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Jul 8, 2015
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And all I paid for were the clays! The oils were a free promotion and why I placed the order at all. The lemongrass, nettle leaf powder and silk were a surprise! I ordered from

In all I got: french green clay, moroccan red clay, bentonite clay, dried lemongrass, nettle leaf powder, tussah silk, and amyris, cedar wood, clove bud, black pepper and anise essential oils!

This stuff will last me forever because I only make 2lbs batches and I've sworn off making anything new for two weeks, when two of my bars will hit the 7-week cure mark and I can test them.

I've also made a personal pact to keep my next few batches very simple. I'll only use these ingredients one at a time. Scouts honor. :)

Now off to search the board history for every item!