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Jul 21, 2014
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So I decided to forgo the challenge this month, and I went ahead and tried ebru design for the first time in preparation for next month's challenge. This has coconut milk, and it was my second time using it. The soap is smooth as glass on the bottom and top, is that due to the co milk? It feels awesome! Scented with 13 grams frankincense, 6 grams cedarwood and 4 grams rosemary eo's.






Thanks everyone:) I'm disappointed with me dumb cell camera. It white washed a little, but it's a cloudy rainy day and I went outside to capture natural light. Oh well. Pics are a big hiccup for me. I'm Loving the co milk scraps so far. Can't wait to see what 6 weeks will bring!
If you open the photos in Microsoft office picture manager then there is a button that says auto correct which adjusts the light levels and improves your picture drastically. You will only have access to it if you have Microsoft office though.
Now that soap belongs in the "browsing soap pics" thread with all the other masterpieces. It's a work of art!
Thank you so much! No ms office here, and in fact, I work only from the cell unless I have a rare opportunity to connect the computer to a hotspot. We don't have home internet, so I can only work from the cell.

I am so thankful for the wonderful compliments:) I made a blog about it, if you're interested in reading my process...I agree that videos are very helpful. I'd like to do a video next time, and Thx for the suggestion ourwolfden!
Beautiful! Is the mold you used one from Brambleberry.com? how do you normally cut it & are thev sides stable? you have it sitting in something plastic, & I'm wanting a small slab mold & thinking of getting it from BB.
I make one cut straight down the center to make two halves, and then each half strip I cut horizontally into three pieces for a total of 6 pieces. And yes it is the Brambleberry 6 inch silicone mold. the only time I've had a problem with it is when I severely overheated a batch of honey and goats milk soap in the oven. It caused it to bow with the bottom and it's a little weaker now at the bottom, but its very sturdy silicone and its never buckled on me ever on the sides.