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Sep 9, 2007
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I have researched soap making for two days. Now I am aware of the dangers of lye and have read about all precautions when making soap. I have picked out a soap I would like to make today. It is a simple Spanish Castile Soap. The ingredients is 54 oz of olive oil, 16 oz of distilled water, 7 oz of lye and 1 oz of pearberry fragrance oil. I just wanted to make sure before I go ahead with the recipe and ask if I could use another FO since I can not find pearberry anwhere locally. I'm pretty sure from what I read that I can, but I wanted to double check. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for another FO in this type of recipe. One last thing, since the measurements in this recipe are whole numbers in oz, do I need to use a digital scale or should I go out and get one? Thanks a lot, Audra
As for fragrances oils, they are all interchangeable. Essentail oils are different as they require diferent measurements. You can sub any fragrance oil you like for the one mentioned, from lavender to chocolate chip cookie.
At 1 ounce of FO's (fragrance oils) to 54 ounces of OO Olive Oil), your scent is going to be very faint. The recommended amount, as the general rule, is .75 ounce of FO's to every 16 ounces of oils in your recipe. At 54 ounces, you should add @2-1/2 ounces of any FO. Different manufactures make stronger oils than others, and some shoddy suppliers my try to "cut" the FO with DPG to make money, so it takes more than .75 PPO. Thanks for joining our forum! We are a friendly, chatty group, who have no problems helping newbies into the wonderful world of CP, or M&P soapmaking!

Paul.... :wink: